Khandallah Town Hall


Serving the community for over 100 years

Khandallah Town Hall has served the Khandallah community for more than 100 years. It provides residents with a space to gather, create, entertain and debate. The Khandallah Town Hall is administered by the Khandallah Cornerstone Resource Centre Trust. The Trust was established in 1983 to set up and run a community centre to serve the Khandallah community and was run for nearly thirty years from premises located at 2 Ganges Road.


Extensive modernisation and restoration was carried out on the Khandallah Town Hall which was completed in August 2011. On completion of the upgrade Cornerstone moved in to continue its work and to manage the Khandallah Town Hall under a memorandum of understanding with the Wellington City Council.

Our purpose and vision

Khandallah Town Hall Cornerstone Community Centre’s purpose is to connect, support and strengthen the Khandallah community by:
  • Giving hospitality to individuals & groups through Cornerstone Centre caring, activities and programmes
  • Giving hospitality to community groups and others through rental of Khandallah Town Hall facilities
  • Developing community networks, supporting community events and emergency preparedness