Khandallah Town Hall


Our facilities are available for hire

Our bright and airy rooms are ideal for exercise classes, seminars or meetings, family get togethers, private functions, hobby club meetings, community meetings.

Talk to one of our friendly coordinators to see how we can assist you…  

(Prices given below are Community Rates or as specified)

Our Community groups are “not for profit”  and attendees are not charged.

Our Casual groups are groups that charge or take fees from attendees.

Our Commercial / Special Events rates apply to  Commercial / Funerals / Auctions / Meetings  etc. 

 These large  events often require the hirer to hire the whole Centre.

We also have a set rate for Saturday a night  from 5pm till midnight.

Shared facilities

All rooms have access to a shared kitchen which has instant hot water, fridge, microwave, oven and a commercial dishwasher. Coffee mugs, two trolleys, water glasses, tea pot and coffee plungers are provided. The kitchen has a servery opening to the hall.

There are five toilets downstairs and one upstairs, each level has a mobility access toilet.

Cornerstone Lounge

Two sofas, several soft armchairs and two coffee tables.

Situated downstairs providing accessibility for all, this lounge is a comfortable room for small gatherings and interest groups.

Comfortably seats 12 – 15

$10.00/hour Casual/Community rate.  $15.00/hour Commercial rate

Hall Area

A larger area suitable for a wide range of activities.
The hall has a small stage however it does not have wings or backstage. 

Supplied with the hall are  20 large trestle tables, 140 chairs, and very easy access to our very well equipped kitchen.

The hall can be hired for $25.00/Hour Casual/Community rate

or $30.00 Commercial rate.  

Please look below for full venue pricing  

Upstairs (Morrison) Lounge

A lift provides access to this area. Small size tables and chairs are available for cards, Mah Jong, scrabble etc. 

This room provides access to an internal balcony which overlooks the hall. This is a great place for photos to be taken of events such as weddings. Doors open to a large balcony that overlooks the street. 

Comfortably seats 35–40 people   

$15.00 per hour Casual/Community rate 

 $25.00 per hour Commercial/Special events

Downstairs Extension Area

This area includes the Hall and the Cornerstone lounge providing a larger area using the two adjoining spaces.

A one-off $30 payment is required to open up the area.


The Whole Centre

Hire the entire WHOLE CENTRE  for larger events

Weekdays $50.00/hour for casual/community rate (Saturday night rate applies) 

Commercial/Special Events Rate $70.00/hour (Saturday night rate applies)

$500.00 Saturday Evening from 5.00pm to midnight

Friday and Sunday evenings 5pm to midnight, please contact us directly for rates for these nights.